We all need marketing, but don’t get with the wrong one
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Have you ever purchased something and were instantly hit with buyers’ remorse? Oh yeah? We’ve been there too.. In this video Dmitry shares his 7 favorite tips when it comes to hiring a marketer for your roofing business.. along with a few personal testimonials where he’s spent over $10,000 discovering these tips. Oops!

00:40 – INTRO
00:46 Tip #1 – Don’t trust marketers that tell you marketing is hard. Trust a marketer who is willing to teach you.
02:45 Tip #2 – Don’t buy on promises. Buy on guaranteed results.
04:09 Tip #3 – Bigger agencies doesn’t mean better results! Improve it – 360 testimonial.
06:05 Tip#4 – Smaller doesn’t mean better either: you could be paying $3000 per month for 3 hours of work.
08:03 Tip#5 – Make your marketer accountable: request a break down of their cost, and timing they are putting in.
10:04 Tip#6 – Change your mentality: no marketer will ever change your business.
12:26 Tip #7 – Hire marketers just like you hire employees: their work should equal their pay.
16:01 – OUTTRO

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