1099 VS W2 Employees: Dallas Roofing Business Class, Feb, 27th.

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Attention all Roofing Insighters! We are thrilled to inform you that Clean Cut Roofing will be with us in our Dallas, TX class just a few weeks away. If you’re interested in walking away with a wealth of information on how to grow your business through topics such as, Quickbooks & Accounting, Marketing and Sales, along with special insight from Richard and Dos Rossouw on how they employ (W2) over 40 roofers, come join us and register below:


We’d love to see you there!

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How to Hire a Roofer – Finding the Right Contractor for Your Project

Having a roof over our head is pretty important to most of us, so when our roof starts leaking or shingles start showing signs of wear, we know we need to find a roofer fast. That’s where the anxiety can start. Roofs are expensive (and it’s hard to get excited about spending that kind of money on home improvements we can’t show off to friends and family), and we’ve all heard horror stories about bad experiences with contractors. Fortunately, with a little advice, you’ll be equipped to find the perfect roofer for your project, and your new roof will be done quickly and at a fair price.

Why Roof Inspections Are Important

How would you feel if your entire roof just caved in right now? When’s the last time you had your roof inspected? Inspecting your roof is a big deal because it ensures that your house is in good condition and more importantly that you are safe.

All About Roofing

Gutters that have been hand crafted may be more beneficial to your home than ones that have been pre-made and just put on to your house. We all know that you can just go buy gutters and have them put on your roof as a standard gutter. But did you know that you have the option for styled gutters that are custom tailored right to your house?

How To Make Fascias Look More Attractive

The fascias and the soffits of a home are often overlooked by many people. Homeowners usually concentrate in making the walls, the ceilings and the floor look more attractive but they rarely stop to look up and consider how the fascias look. Most people prefer painting them white since most houses have white soffit and fascia. It makes experts wonder when white fascia has become the rage.

Removing That Old Roof

As a homeowner, there are a number of do-it-yourself projects that can be quite fun and rewarding, while also saving a lot of money. One of the biggest expenses a homeowner will often face is replacing their old leaky roof, however there are at least a few parts of this project that can be preformed by someone who is comfortable on ladders and mechanically inclined, even if they do not have any direct roofing experience. One of these is the actual demolition of the roof, which is mostly just a lot of hard work.

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