15 Customer service dumbest mistakes by Roofers

15 Dumbest Customer Service Mistakes By Roofers

1. Bribing for Reviews

Illegal and immoral, bribing for reviews is never a good idea. If at the end of a job the customer is happy, maybe encourage them to write a review, or else let them do it on their own volition, but NEVER bribe a customer.

2. Being Late

Imagine you’ve just landed a contract for $30,000 and then, on the first day, you’re late. What a bummer! It goes without saying, but if you set a meeting time for 8 A.M., arrive at or before 8 A.M. Being respectful of other people’s time is integral to quality customer service and human relations in general.

3. Not Being Responsive

Don’t go Zero Dark Thirty on a client. People feel vulnerable when they can’t contact the person in charge. Regardless of how busy you get, answer calls or emails. If you’re too busy to do that, hire someone to help with the communication component of your business.

4. Using Homeowner’s Ladder

Unless definitively expressed and approved by the homeowner, never use their ladder. Doing so is unprofessional and does not suggest you have the acumen or materials to do a job properly.

5. Loud Music

If your music is loud, or in a foreign language, it could irk the homeowner or a neighbor. And irritating any of those people won’t bode well for your company’s image. Soft, family-friendly music may be okay, but a surefire way to avoid any complaints is to instill a no-music policy or make employees wear headphones.

6. Mistakes Happen

Life happens, and as a consequence, so do mistakes. When something goes wrong, own the mishap and do your best to make sure the client is happy. Never fight with a client over what is likely a small amount of money. Eat the loss and move on with life.

7. Asking for Payment Right Away

You just finished the job, so naturally compensation should follow, right? Well, not always. People are protective about their money and sometimes just need a few days before they sign away a portion of their savings account. If you’re pushy in asking for payment, it could make you appear desperate, which is not a good look. Advice: if you’re picky about when a payment arrives, write it into the contract. That way, you’re legally covered.

8. Using the Bathroom

As tempting as it may be to urinate on a bush, never do that. That’s just unprofessional and a good way to infuriate the homeowner. Depending on the job, perhaps consider renting a portable toilet for your employees to use.

9. Smoking on the Job

Smoking is equally as repulsive as using the bathroom on a client’s property. All it takes is for a homeowner to find a cigarette on their lawn and then they’re calling you with a complaint. Respect other people’s property and never assume they’re okay with you using their yard as an ashtray.

10. Make Sure You Shower

This includes before coming to work. The way you smell can have a profound impact on the perception of your company. If your employees stink, people may instantly associate that smell with your name.

11. Look Rough, Dress Rough

Potentially controversial, but dress as professionally as possible. Yes, roofing is a physical job that requires loose or worn clothing, but looking like a bum could again cause irreparable harm to your company’s image. I know all these points may seem like annoying rules, but they’re just common sense.

12. Bad Cleanup

It doesn’t matter how great the roof looks. If you leave a mess on the property, your customer’s satisfaction may be compromised. Many bad reviews on websites cite poor cleanup as the reason for a negative review. Leave the property exactly how you found it.

13. Not Asking Permission to Put a Yard Sign

If you like the advertising a company sign brings, then make sure you first ask for the homeowner’s approval. Assuming you can without asking is a quick way to irritate a client. This is also something that can be written into contracts.

14. Treating the Home Like their Own

Using a homeowner’s furniture or treating any of their property as if it were yours is not okay. As the contractor, you’re here to do a job, not make yourself cozy in Mrs. Johnson’s backyard.

15. Using Neighbor’s Utilities

Just last year, a neighbor and a worker came to blows over the employee tossing garbage onto the neighbor’s lawn. I can only imagine how that incident looked for the company’s reputation. And things like using neighbor’s water lines or invading their space is a huge no-no. It’s common sense, but you’d be surprised how often people need a reminder of that.

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