#2 Lead Generation for ROOFING BUSINESS: FACEBOOK | Roofer marketing school

#2 Lead Generation for ROOFING BUSINESS: FACEBOOK | Roofer marketing school
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Roofing Repair Contractors: How to Find the Very Best

Your roof is in need of serious repairs, but it is too hard to decide on a local roofing repair contractor. Knowing how to find the very best is the only way to choose a roofing repair company with confidence.

Restoring Your Roof: Points to Remember

Restoring the roof is an important aspect of long-term home maintenance that all homeowners will end up doing at least once. Since it is a very important aspect of your home, it is necessary that you get professional expertise and advice to complete the job.

Common Roofing Problems and How To Fix Them

Portland is famous for its wet season, which makes a homeowner’s job of maintaining a roof a demanding one. Leaks, poor drainage, and moss growth are the biggest threats, and fortunately there are a few simple tips to fix these common problems and extend the life of your roof.

Gutter Options

Gutter is an important functional material in the roofing of the house. It takes care of the regulation of water whenever rainy days come. Although it is intended for some purposes in the house, it is still a must to have a design that will fit in the house to make them more appealing to the structure of the overall look of the home.

Seamless Gutters – Protecting Your Home All Year Round

Seamless gutters were specifically designed to provide homeowners with maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. They refer to a type of gutter installation wherein gutter materials have less leakage points and problematic seams. Since these gutters are installed in one continuous roll, they can prevent all the factors that can contribute to leaky roofs and gutters during the strongest rainstorms and typhoons.

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