6 Dumbest Decisions Roofing Contractors make in Business

In this video, Dmitry goes over the 6 reasons he’s seen over the years that contractors make. He goes into mentioning that times are changing and moving forward with digital advertising, how to be conservative with your money when it comes to spending on company vehicles, and much more!

01:06 – Mistake #1 – Treating Your Sub-Contractors Poorly
03:32 – Mistake #2 – Installing Subpar Products
06:04 – Mistake #3 – Buying an Expensive Work Truck
08:32 – Mistake #4 – Doesn’t Take Repair Jobs
10:14 – Mistake #5 – Relying On Word-of-Mouth
11:30 – Mistake #6 – Refusing To Go Digital

6 Dumbest Decisions Contractors Still Make:

1. Treating Your Subcontractors Poorly

2. Installing Subpar Products

3. Buying An Expensive Work Truck

4. Doesn’t Take Repair Jobs

5. Relying On Word-Of-Mouth

6. Refusing To Go Digital

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