A roofing video about Roll roofing installation !

Here is a video about a flat roof I did few years ago.
probably about 5 years , but it’s a good one ,
hope you like it and share it ,
thanks for watching .
Eric Garcia.

Bitumen Waterproofing in Pakistan

Waterproofing in Karachi, Pakistan. Best waterproofing Company in Karachi, Pakistan we provide more services like Heat Proofing, Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Paint and other Construction Chemical Services and Suppliers.

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Green roof trays are simple, easy to install modules that can help you with your roof repair and maintenance. Each module consists of a solid green roof system, which includes a waterproofing system, rain retention, and protection against thermal and UV fluctuations. Other benefits of green roof trays include habitat creation, noise reduction, rainwater irrigation, and reduced heating and cooling costs.

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