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This used to be a rock roof, it has bolted ceiling , in this case I used ice shield over the entire house due to the 3/12 slope of the roof, remember when you use peel and stick membrane , use a lot of ventilation for the air flow , in this case the house didn’t have an attic, so no need to use roof vents.

Roof Vents: Stop the Leaking Now

Everywhere something penetrates the roof structure, leaks can happen. Pipe vents are a common place for leaks to appear. To prevent leaking in the first place, the roofer will use a flexible boot around the base of the vent where it comes through the roof.

Avoid Costly Repair With These Home Maintenance Tips

When it comes to keeping your real estate property in top value, home maintenance is a very important tool. For those people who are inexperienced in home repairs and basic maintenance, this article can be very helpful.

Stylish and Sturdy Corten Finishing

Metals are most important in construction of homes and buildings as they provide support and protection. But metals used on the exterior of buildings are more likely to get damages due to rust and other climate conditions. Various procedures are used to prevent metal from getting damaged due to weather.

How To Select a Roofer

Before selecting a roofer, there are several factors to consider. Be sure to look for referrals from friends, multiple estimates to avoid overpaying, correct licenses and permits, and references from satisfied customers. Also be certain to have a signed contract.

The Damage a Leaking Roof Can Do

A leaking roof obviously needs to be repaired. Are you going to do it? Most people would call some roofing service of some sort to handle roofing repairs as simple as this. A leaking roof is not a hard job; in fact, it’s one of the easiest home repairs you can do by yourself, because the hardest thing about doing repairs such as this is climbing the ladder bringing tools and materials.

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