Acme Roofing and Exteriors: Servicing Lansing Michigan for 60 years!

Acme Roofing: Servicing Lansing Michigan for 60 years!
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00:00 Intro
00:30 Meet the owners of ACME Home Exteriors in Lansing, Michigan
01:23 ACME Home Exteriors installs GAF shingles
02:21 Customer service is key at ACME Home Exteriors
02:43 How Dan Smeak got into the roofing business
03:17 How Josh Martin became a roofing contractor
04:10 How to sell and manage a roofing job
05:06 What are the challenges of being a roofing business owner?
06:10 Check out the Art-Loc roofing shingles
06:46 Is Lansing, Michigan a good market for roofing contractors?
08:00 Does GAF have good warranties on shingles?
09:03 ACME Home Exteriors installs CertainTeed siding
10:11 ACME Home Exteriors also installs decks for homeowners
11:33 Find ACME Home Exteriors on Directorii!
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Roofing contractors from the list are backed by a $20,000 guarantee

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Roof Renovations – Out With the Old and in With the New

Roof renovations are a great way to reduce your heating and cooling cost and add value to your house. These are all great whether you are looking to sell your home now or possibly in the future. Some roof renovations can be done by the average do-it-yourselfer and others will require a professional to do them.

Eye-Catching Roof Types From Around the World

In today’s global village we are lucky to have access to cultures from across the world that in times past we did not. This also holds true for a vast array of architectural designs including many different roof types. So why do we care if we have access to many more roof styles and roofing material types than in the past.

Upgrade Your House With Asphalt Roofing Shingles

“Quality roofing materials will bring your home to life with a more modern look that will add value to your homes resale value.” A roof is one of the most important portions of a home’s structure, protecting the building and its contents from all the effects of weather. Roofs are valuable assets for homes and thus it is imperative that they are built in the perfect way so that they can enhance the overall strength of a building.

A Roof – Function, Design, Preservation

Generally, in the uppermost part of a building is completed by a cover called roof. This part of building has high point looked from function, design and preservation things. Then, these three points of view becomes the consideration of people in applying it in their house.

The 4 Top Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

If you’re smart then you will for sure make a point of contacting more than one roofing contractor, before you sign your name to a contract. Even better yet, is if you can call around on the phone to get some answers to some basic questions. So then what are the four most important questions to ask?

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