Adam Sand Roofing Business Partner: “Facebook ads got me in jail”

Adam Sand “Roofing Business Partner” Interview: “Facebook ads got me in jail”

Meet Adam Sand, owner of Sargeant’s Roofing and Roofing Business Partner. Adam joins Dmitry to speak at the Roofing Insights Business School and shares a little about marketing and some great information for start-up roofing businesses. Adam talks about what it takes to build a solid roofing brand and gives some valuable information on Facebook Business Ads, lead generation and what it takes to make a million dollars in the roofing industry. He even talks about how a social media post even got him arrested one time!

0:23 How did you end up owning a roofing business?
1:09 How long does it take to build a solid brand?
1:38 How many hours do you work per week?
3:46 “I got arrested for a Facebook post.”
5:32 “I learned about the power of social media.”
6:42 Is Facebook your number one lead generator?
7:38 How easy is it to make a million dollars in roofing industry?
9:25 “Marketing doesn’t matter before you take care of your customers.”

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