Apple Roofing | Full Interview | Mentorship Giveaway

Apple Roofing | Full Interview | Mentorship Giveaway
Comment Below with the best team-building activity to win a special prize from Apple Roofing, as well as a few hours of consultation with them!

00:45 How many roofs did you put on last year?
01:00 Percentage of commercial vs. residential jobs
01:42 Why roofers chase commercial jobs
03:41 Last year’s revenue
05:20 Apple Roofing’s secret to success
06:55 What’s the perfect company size?
09:38 What’s your reinvesting budget?
15:47 Importance of team atmosphere
17:55 Story behind company name
20:29 Best lead generator
22:00 Horrible theft story
22:29 Are boom trucks profitable?
24:44 Cost of boom truck
26:02 Who operates the boom truck?
26:20 When did you begin stocking materials?
30:10 Apple Roofing’s philosophy
33:40 Inequality in the industry
34:50 Can crew leaders make money?
35:50 Why new businesses fail?
39:39 Organizing crews
40:05 Crews as W-2’s?
45:45 How to get hired as a sub
49:15 How quickly can a company gross $1 million?
50:00 Best decision one can make
53:24 Marketing budget
54:55 Giveaway details

Apple Roofing | Full Interview | Mentorship Giveaway
Comment Below with the best team-building activity to win a special prize from Apple Roofing, as well as a few hours of consultation with them!

When you’re sitting across from the founders of, it’s tough to pick the best questions to ask. From ground zero less than a decade ago, to being on pace for a 34 million-dollar 2020 #whatiscoronavirus, Dustin and Marcus explain and teach the valuable lessons of not cutting corners, reinvesting everything back into their business, and what it means to put people and brand first. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did making it. For a company that spends less than 1% on marketing, there aren’t many roofing businesses that have been able to scale as quickly as Apple Roofing and there’s a lot of good reasons for it, one of them being the visionary implementation of building your team and brand first, then allowing the rest to follow.

Leave us a comment below on what you think would be the best team-building exercise for your chance to win a 1-hour consulting session with either Marcus or Dustin & some awesome Kansas City Royals gear.

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How To Prevent Ice Dams From Causing Damage To Your Home

If an ice dam forms on your roof in the winter, it can cause water to back up under your shingles and start flowing into your home. This can potentially cause $100’s or $1000’s worth of damage to the interior of your home. Water that gets inside your home can destroy drywall, ruin carpet, promote mold/mildew growth, rot out wood, and even damage personal belongings like art, photos, and furniture. Thankfully, ice dams aren’t a common occurrence, as weather conditions have to be just right for them to form as well as the roof underneath not being properly installed to mitigate the incoming water. All it takes is 1 ice dam to do severe damage though, so it’s important you know how to prevent ice dams from forming so it’s never a problem for you.

2 Ways To Prevent Ice Dams From Forming On Your Roof

Preventing Ice dams from forming can save you thousands of dollars if you live in an area where the snow builds up like North Idaho. The melted snow will refreeze at the eaves of your roof, causing water to sit and back up under your shingles, potentially getting into your home. Prevention is the best remedy!

Efficient Ways To Take Care Of Your Roof

Don’t take your roof for granted. Learn to take care of your roof with these easy, efficient methods.

The History of Thatch

Ever since the Stone Age people moved out of their warm and dry caves to live a more nomadic lifestyle they had a need for a more temporary yet hardy place to live. For this they started to use the by-product of each year’s harvest to build roofing for their dwellings.

Avoiding Roof Repair Disaster

As severe weather season approaches homeowners have many things to consider. Protecting one’s home is top priority and the bulk of roof repair claims occur in early summer after long winter months and challenging spring weather. With the increase in roof repair claims comes an increase in scam opportunities for unprofessional roofing companies.

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