Apple Roofing | IKO: The Best 3 Letter Roof Shingle Brand

Apple Roofing | IKO: The Best 3 Letter Shingle Brand
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00:17 Let’s talk IKO
02:20 Being open to change
04:42 Building systems
06:35 Importance of relationships with company reps
08:05 Product failure story
11:16 Which brands damage relationships?

In this video we asked (Lincoln, NE) why they chose IKO as their shingle of choice and to take us on the journey of making that decision! We discovered what pushed them to single stack their 6 million dollar facility with nothing but Nordic and Dynasty, and when it started to make sense to start stockpiling shingles vs. getting orders per job. Today they do over $20 million per year in sales in just IKO roof shingles. They believe in Roofing Brand and we wanted to ask them why.

Leave us a comment below if you agree with Apple Roofing on their decision to exclusively install IKO and stockpile their shingles.

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