AVCO Roofing Company Tour during COViD-19 | Roofing Insights

AVCO Roofing Company Tour in COViD19 times
Today we are visiting AVCO Roofing in Tyler Texas.
To learn more about AVCO: https://avcoroofing.com/

01:34 Impact of COVID-19
02:39 Retail vs insurance claims
05:30 “I actually just want a better experience for each customer”
06:33 Doing appointments during COVID-19
08:13 Let’s see AVCO’s showroom
12:30 Story of company name
14:44 Nerf gun traditions
16:43 The original warehouse
19:20 Company vehicles/commercial division
20:08 Number of employees
22:25 “I’m not doing this for money”

Earlier this week we jumped into an empty plane and met with Heath Hicks, founder of https://thecatchall.com and President of https://avcoroofing.com out of Tyler, TX. Heath operates a 25 Million+ dollar roofing company with over 30 W2 employees. Heath has worked in a multitude of trades, but has found his true gift in roofing and being a leader. Thank you Heath for the amazing opportunity to tour your company and learn from the best!

Donnie Parkinson started AVCO in 2007. The Company had great success until his passing in 2014. Current owner, Heath Hicks came to AVCO to ensure the success of the company continued. Before his passing, Donnie said, “I want someone that can keep the company open”. Not long after that Heath purchased the company from widowed wife, Sharon Parkinson. The following 12 months after Heath bought the company, it grew 400% and the following year grew 300%! The team is now up to 30+ members in the office 70+ members in the field. The team continues to strive to become the leaders in the industry.

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