Bad roofing installation : Two years old roof falling apart !!

Bad roofing installation: this two years old roof done by a con artist roofer is falling apart , leaks everywhere .
watch out !
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Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage? Here’s How to Tell

Has a recent hail storm got you wondering whether you’ve got hail damage on your roof? Here’s your guide for identifying hail damage on your roof without calling in an expert quite yet.

Here Are Some Roofing Tips To Remember

There are many projects around any home that will quickly get the attention of the homeowner: that leaky faucet, the overgrown grass, the carpeting that has seen better days. The condition of the roof, however, can easily be overlooked because it is not front and center.

How To Repair Roofs

Slate is a very durable roof tile that can last over a hundred years. Their weakness is in the nails that secure them to the roof battens. The nails can deteriorate and rust away which cause the slates to slip out of position.

Reasons You Should Install Copper Gutter Guards

Various kinds of materials are used for making rain gutters. The one that can provide you utmost functionality is copper. Know the various advantages of installing copper gutters.

Basic Measures You Need To Take For Emergency Roof Repair

You might face the need for emergency roof repair services for a number of reasons. It is however important to know some basic measures you can take even before professional help reaches you.

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