BBB Online Rating Can Be Bought With Big Money

BBB Online rating can be bought with big money

BBB Better Business Bureau Corruption Review by Contractors

Roofing Rundown: BBB Review by Contractors

Dmitry reviews the “non-profit” giant, the Better Business Bureau.

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Your Spring Cleaning Rain Gutter Checklist

Though Spring is not yet in the air, it’s approaching fast. Is your rain gutter ready? The primary function of your gutter system is to direct rain away from your home and its foundation so it’s essential that it be in top form to handle the upcoming rainy season.

Flat Roof Coverings – Options

There are many different flat roof coverings on the market today and choosing the best one to fit your budget can be tricky. Here I will review the three most popular products and provide some general tips.

Never Underestimate The Need For A Quality Roofer

A quality roofer is often times only ever appreciated when something goes wrong with a new or existing roof structure, which can either be brought about by inadequate workmanship on the part of the roofing contractor or even based upon significant weather that may cause damage to the roof in question. Naturally one does not wish for such an event to occur or come about, however when selecting a professional to attend to the installation or repair of an important structural part of the home it is essential that quality comes first. When it comes to a planned roofing…

Why You Need a Green Roof

Al Gore in his talk entitled “The Inconvenient Truth” had made a lot of us open our eyes and become highly aware and concerned with regards to the status of the environment nowadays due to global warming. Icebergs are melting, forest fires are starting here and there, stormy weather becoming stronger and floods killing people and leaving thousands homeless.

Roofing Contractor – Things to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Before you hire a roofing contractor, there are things to consider. The expertise and professionalism of the firm, the reasons why maintaining a proper roof system are important, and the timeliness of the services offered all come into consideration.

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