Becca Switzer: Roofing Sales, Work Life Balance, Haters and Copy Cats

Becca Switzer: Roofing Sales, Work Life Balance, Haters and Copy Cats
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00:28 Becca’s past work experience
03:27 How Becca got into roofing
04:33 What makes selling roofs unique
05:55 How important are roofing products in the sales process?
06:54 Becca’s current vocation
08:42 Do sales fix everything?
09:48 Description of Becca’s products
12:25 How gender affects sales
13:50 It’s a copycat game
16:58 What Becca’s future looks like
19:16 Becca’s sources of motivation
24:01 We all deal with haters
28:48 Advice to other women in roofing industry
30:50 Becca’s work/life balance

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