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4 Ways That Gutters Help in Protecting Your Home

Gutters are essential elements of any home. You might think of them as pipes that are placed on the edges of the roof to collect rain water as it runs off and diverts it to a specific location on the ground and this is accurate. This water control helps in protecting the home in a number of different ways.

How Bad Gutters Can Cause Your Home To Fall Apart

When your home has bad gutters it causes much destruction from cracks in the walls, to leaks in the ceiling, basement and a cracked foundation. Most people don’t normally check for clogged gutters unless they were to have a roof installed. Gutters are the most important exterior part of the home to keep it in top shape. Homeowners wonder why they need a new roof when their existing roof is only seven years old, or why their foundation is cracked. It’s due from bad gutters that have not been protected with gutter guards keeping out the debris and twigs.

Why Gutter Guard Protection Is Important For A Safe Home

Cleaning your gutters once a year isn’t enough to protect them if you don’t have gutter guards. Leaves fall by the scores during the autumn season in the Eastern and Midwest climates. The leaves can fill your gutters in one day making it impossible for rain water to travel to the downspouts out to the ground away from your home. Since the water has nowhere to go, it runs down the side of your home causing leaks to your ceiling and walls and can lead to a cracked foundation costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been avoided.

How To Know If You Need To Replace Your Guttering System

If your gutters are sagging, cracked or pulled away from the fascia board, then you need to replace your guttering system. A specialist can check your gutters for these problems and tell you if they need to be replaced. Most homeowners don’t check their gutters but some will pay a handyman to clean them out periodically. If you notice any cracks in your walls, stains from water on the ceiling, a wet basement or cracked foundation, then you definitely need new gutters. Most People don’t realize that their gutters need to be protected with gutter guards to keep them from clogging up. It filters out the debris and twigs and keeps the snow and ice from forming.

Why Homeowners Don’t Think About Bad Gutters Being A Hazard

Homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard to their home. They get clogged up with twigs and debris that can start a fire burning your house to the ground. The homeowner loses everything including precious memories that can not be replaced. Gutters need protection to keep this from happening among causing damage to your house such as cracked walls and a cracked foundation, mildew and mold and a sagging damp ceiling. The reason homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard is because gutters are invisible unless you climb a ladder to the roof where you can see them.

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