Best Conferences: Content marketing world, VidSummit, Best of success

Best Conferences: Content marketing world, VidSummit, Best of success

Best Conferences to attend/crush with me in September-October

Here are my Conference schedule for Fall 2019

1. I will be in Orlando August 29-31, if anyone want to meet up, collaborate, or have any ideas, maybe just networking, hit me up, will try to find time for everyone.

2. Content Marketing World, Cleveland, September 3-6 (Must go for me, #1 conference of the year)

3. Roofing Insights Class #4: Minneapolis, 12-13.
To reserve the spot just book room with Marriott: thats your reservation. For details about class please see class announcement video or text “class” to 612-558-4881

Video about class:

Hotel/class reservation:

4. Best Of Success: Miami, September 15-17.

5. VidSummit (Conference for youtubers): LA, October, 15-17,

Hope to see someone crushing some of these conferences with me.

Conferences are a fantastic resource for learning, networking and more.

Better your business and attend conferences! We’ll see you there!

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The Various Steps Involved In Roof Restoration

Are you thinking about the much required maintenance of your house? Is it time for the repainting and other scheduled maintenance that comes once in a few years? Then it is a no brainer that along with the rest of the house you would want to make sure that the roof restoration is also done.

Roof Restoration – How To Ensure You Get It Done Through Your Insurance Company

Whenever people hear the dreaded term “insurance claim” there is usually a notion that people are not going to be entitled for the damage claim anyway. Mostly, this is because of the fact that insurance companies are way smarter and they know the precise loopholes and clauses to get away with small claim reimbursements.

What Do Gutters Do?

Gutters, also known as rain gutters, are the channels or U-shaped pipes attached to the side of a building, designed to stop water from running off the edge of the roof and instead divert it away from the building to a more suitable area. There are many reasons why it is undesirable to have water running off the edge of the roof. Here we explain what gutters do and give some of the many reasons why people want to install them.

The Best Way to Protect Your Gutters

Gutter protection, also known as “gutter guards”, are a very good way to prevent blockages and reduce maintenance of your rain gutter system. Gutter guards come in many different forms and here we will look at some of the different types, as well as helping you to decide if gutter protection is the right choice for you.

10 Golden Rules of Gutter Installation

Installing rain gutters is a job usually best left to the professionals. But if you are very confident at DIY then you might want to give it a go. Here I give you some tips to help you make a good job of it.

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