Best Damn Roofer: Real Josh Bigger Interview | Roofing Insights

Best Damn Roofer: Real Josh Bigger Interview | Roofing Insights
Who is real and who is fake? Josh Bigger or Best Damn Roofer?
Comment below what you think…..

1:01 How did you come up with the Best Damn Roofer character?
1:32 You wanted to be a firefighter?
2:17 How easy is it to be a different person on camera?
3:14 Are you camera shy?
3:19 Plans for your business? Entertainment?
4:23 Life as a dad?
5:05 Work/life balance
5:39 Business owner life
7:09 Thoughts on Roofing Insights Business School

Meet the Real Josh Bigger aka Best Damn Roofer

In this video, Dmitry sits down with Josh Bigger, better known as BDR or Best Damn Roofer, and discusses roofing, family, and internet fame. This is the first time Josh has done an interview as himself, so tune-in and learn what the man behind the infamous BDR is really like!

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About Dmitry: Dmitry is the Owner of Storm Group Roofing, a Minneapolis based roofing company: and

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