Best Damn Roofer Songs at Roofing Insights Concert

Best Damn Roofer Songs at Roofing Insights mini Concert

BDR performs a live set at the Roofing Insights Business School in Minneapolis! Best Damn Roofer stopped by Dmitry’s Business Class for a couple days and we had the honor of hearing some of his songs including, “We Are Roofers”, “Roofing Is Fun”, and “Hella Roofer”. Enjoy!

00:00 “Roofing Is Fun”
02:05 “We Are Roofers”
03:19 “Hella Roofer”
06:18 “Roofers Pain”
09:03 “Folsom Prison Blues”
10:48 “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Roofers”

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