Best Roofing Nail gun? DeWalt 20V Battery Powered Coil Nailer REVIEW | 10 free nail guns

Best Roofing Nail gun? DEWALT 20V Battery Powered Coil Nailer REVIEW and Give Away
Comment below if you want to review new gun and send us video. Comment what you do and what you think about this gun so far, we will send 10 guns for each 1000 comments!

00:46 Introducing DEWALT tools
02:23 Arriving at Acme Tools
03:15 Cash register experience
04:37 Opening nail guns
07:43 We want to send you a nail gun…
09:11 What do we have here…
10:29 Testing nail gun
13:37 First issue
16:12 Verdict
18:38 Your thoughts?

Watch Dmitry and his team buy 10 DEWALT nail guns for some of our lucky subscribers! We want to send you a nail gun, so leave your best comment below!

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