Better Business Bureau (BBB) Top 10 Shocking Facts

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Top 10 Shocking Facts
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The BBB is full of secrets and coverups! In this video Dmitry exposes this “nonprofit” for what they’re worth!

Thinking about signing your business up with the BBB? Watch this video first!

-Companies who pay more to BBB usually have higher rankings!
-The BBB accredited Hamas: terrorist organization!
-The BBB is not a government organization and cannot be trusted!

We highly recommend that you check out companies’ profiles on but don’t trust their ratings! Ratings may be affected by money they paid to BBB! Instead, look directly at the companies’ reviews and complaints (this is more accurate). Then decide for yourself if it’s worth it for you to do business with those companies.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Top 10 Shocking Facts

1. BBB isn’t a government organization

Contrary to popular belief, BBB is not run by the government. BBB is a “nonprofit” entity who sells ratings and advertisement space to other companies.

2. BBB makes money from small and big businesses

Typically, the larger your business, the more money you pay BBB for listings and ads. This is how they make their money. Much like Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor, BBB is not an altruistic website looking to do the right thing. They’re in it for the money.

3. BBB has no algorithm

The nerds don’t run BBB. It is run by CEOs who expect to see their profit margins go up every year. This is why many poorly rated companies on other sites have high ratings on BBB. “Show me the money!” – anonymous BBB CEO

4. BBB accredited Hamas

In 2010, BBB accredited Hamas, a renowned terrorist organization, which begs the question: whose money will BBB NOT accept?

5. BBB charges to advertise

Those ads you see on the side of the listing pages? Yep, paid for by companies looking for a leg up. Again, this company does not prioritize consumer happiness over capital.

6. BBB claims to be a nonprofit

The CEO of BBB makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I guess everyone is nonprofit, after they buy their mansion, third boat, and a $12 latte every morning.

7. BBB is (former) “darling” of Wall Street

BBB used to be the go-to company for accrediting Wall Street tycoons. Nothing sketchy has ever happened on Wall Street, right?

8. In 1915, #1 category on BBB was door-to-door insurances sales

My great-grandma loved answering the door and talking to insurance people every day.

9. In 2018, #1 search on BBB was roofing

Despite its hypocrisy, this site generates a lot of leads for roofers.

10. #1 complaint category on BBB is online retailers; #2 complaint is solicitors calling about extending your car warranty

Yes, there is no doubt BBB will sell to any company with a large enough checkbook.

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