Clay 2 Piece tile with 100% mortar.

This is the way to do 2 piece clay tile with mortar booster , I also made the bird stop of mortar, used 1 layer of self stick underlayment.
Hope this little video can be of help if you run across an installation like this.
Greetings .

How to Choose a Professional Roofer

As we all know the most important function of a roof is keeping us dry as well as protect us from inclement weather. That is why it is imperative that we do not only choose the best roofing material for our homes and businesses but professional roofers must also be considered for the job too. Investing in the finest roofing material and roofer can assure you that your roof will surely last for many years.

How to Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor

If you want durable commercial roofing for your building, the first thing that you should put into consideration is finding the right contractor. A lot of structures like stores, warehouses and offices have suffered from the disadvantage of previous inefficient roofing contractors. And while there is no infallible way of knowing if one contractor is good or bad, there are some guidelines that you can follow in choosing your commercial roofing contractor.

Choosing the Right Gutter Profile for Your Home

Nothing lasts forever, and gutters are no exception. Eventually the time comes when they need to be replaced, which also means choosing a gutter profile that is both functional and looks right on your home. Prevention is better than cure When choosing a new gutter profile, the first thing to consider is, what problems did the old gutters cause that you definitely want to prevent this time round?

Methods Of Flat Roofing

A flat roof is horizontal or very nearly horizontal. Flat roofs are often used on commercial buildings. They are widely regarded as an economic alternative for roofing as compared to sloped roofing found on most residential buildings, and they come in several models. Flat roofing is designed to offer protection against moisture and other external elements, and they also support electrical and mechanical installments that serve the building. Below are the most coming techniques of flat roofing:

Suggestions To Take Proper Maintenance Of Your Roof

When it pertains to the well being of your home, correct roof maintenance is of the utmost significance. Unfortunately numerous property owners don’t know the correct steps to take when it concerns looking after their roof. The following short article will teach you every little thing you have to understand about keeping your roof in tip leading shape.

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