Clean Cut Roofing, TX BIG INTERVIEW Dos and Richard Rossouw: 1099 VS W2s

Clean Cut Roofing, TX Interview Dos and Richard Rossouw: 1099 VS W2s
Clean Cut Roofing Knows how to save money
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During our Dallas business class we sat down for a few minutes with Dos & Richard Rossouw of Clean Cut Roofing, TX. Clean Cut Roofing has been an employee only (EE) business since the very beginning, and that’s what makes them so interesting in our industry. In an industry where most contractors will subcontract their labor, Clean Cut Roofing has done the opposite. In this interview we learned about how they built their business for the “long game” with certain culture and brand image in mind. They expect to hit right around 10MM this year and there’s no reason to see why they’d slow down.

Stick around for the full interview, and let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on having an employee only business vs. the subcontracting model.

Clean Cut Roofing website:

Clean Cut Roofing YouTube channel:

00:00 Intro
01:02 How many employees do you have?
01:06 What is your weekly payroll?
01:15 What is your workers compensation bill?
02:02 What is the biggest workers compensation bill you’ve ever paid?
03:05 How much can the average roofer make in your business per year?
04:26 Who was the first employee you’ve ever hired?
04:40 Do you have a general manager?
05:08 What is the pay structure for management?
05:33 Do you offer sales incentives?
08:24 How many managers do you have right now?
09:19 How do you train new installers?
11:00 How does a brand-new business start with the “EE” model?
12:52 How many crews do you have?
14:35 What are your safety protocols?
15:54 Have you had any accidents?
17:53 What is one piece of advice for a new roofing contractor?

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