Cool roof shingles video : Installing a Cool Roof with Therma Sheet underlayment

Cool roof shingles video …Here is a video on how to install a cool roof system with Therma Sheet underlayment .
another option besides cool roof color .


When Is Asbestos Roof Removal Required?

Asbestos removal from roofs may not be mandatory, but it is helpful when minding about the health of people around the affected area. The most affected are the ones directly inhaling its harmful fibers, constantly. Interestingly, the severe symptoms do not kick in till after 2 or 3 decades. However, the result from inhaling is severe damage to the lungs and abdominal cavity due to scarring from the fibers.

Ensuring Safe Asbestos Roof Removal

Asbestos was widely used in homes and structures from the late 1930s to the 70s, when it became clear that it posed some health hazards and its usage was discouraged and even banned. Originally, it was used due to its awesome fire resistant properties. Being a fibrous mineral, it has great strength and is durable. This makes it good for fireproofing and in providing insulation to structures.

The Advantages of Rubber Roofing

Learn why rubber roofing is such a popular alternative to traditional roof repair and maintenance. There are several advantages to installing rubber roofs for residential or commercial properties!

Steps In Asbestos Roof Removal

Removing asbestos is a thoroughly regulated process, evidenced by the number of statutes and codes that lay down methods of removing it from any site, whether large or small. Examples of the regulations are The Queensland Code of Practice (2011) on How to remove Asbestos and Safe Work Australia Code of Practice.

Asbestos Roof Removal And Its Importance

Repair, is not as commonly sought after as removal procedures. The repair procedure requires two methods, covering or sealing. Covering is done by placing a firm material like duct tape over the area containing asbestos. Sealing requires treatment of the asbestos with a sealant for binding or coating of the dangerous material to prevent fiber and dust release into the air.

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