CoronaVirus (COViD-19) Roofing Industry update: Tamko, essential services, & Beacon stock

CoronaVirus (COViD-19) roofing update: Tamko, essential services, & Beacon stock

In this video we share our approach to the COViD-19 pandemic and how we’re choosing to approach it. For many, this is a time of distress and uncertainty, however there are many that capitalizing on this time to develop themselves mentally, physically, and strengthen relationships. From dropping stock prices to cashless companies going belly up, people are affected from all angles. This is when the strong get stronger, and the weak fizzle out. We want to encourage everyone in our audience to utilize this time to focus on themselves, family, and company. Now is the time to become an expert in your CRM, learn how to create videos, and just maybe… take a look at some underpriced stocks.

Wishing you the best during these times – stay positive!

Leave us a comment on how you’re handling these interesting times!

00:05 Intro
02:01 We are not in a recession
02:45 What’s going on with Tamko
04:32 Beacon stock & the stock market in general
07:14 Is now the time to start my roofing business?
09:22 Now’s the time to improve
11:20 Pay attention to the facts not the media
12:55 Summary
15:08 Outro

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GRP Roofing – Weatherproofing A Flat Roof

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