Dmitry VS Brad Lea: Roofing Business: Doing less is doing more?

Dmitry Explains heated debate between him and Brad Lea from a couple weeks earlier.

Dmitry VS Brad Lea: Doing less is doing more?

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In this video Dmitry speaks about seven reasons why doing less is more. He goes in depth to explain his though process and why it really works. Not only are you able to focus on your niche/craft, it is easier to scale your business as a whole. He also dives into his heated debate with Brandon Lea.

INTRO: 00:07
#1: Focus on What you Know Best: 5:21
#2: Better Deals on Materials: 6:22
#3: Easy to Train Employees: 7:31
#4: Easier to Scale Your Business: 9:04
#5: Easier to Dominate your Niche: 10:54
#6: Riches in Niches: 11:57
#7: Advertising and Marketing: 13:09

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