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Meet Sam at Roofing Process Conference:, Sam makes the most out of door knocking and teaches us the best reasons and technics how to be the best at it. Sam Taggart Company: Comment if you hate door knocking!

From Insights:

00:34 Door knocking sucks: change my mind
03:51 Why Sam loves door knocking
07:46 Don’t forget this one thing about entrepreneurship
11:35 Jordan Belfort came to Sam’s conference
12:50 Sam’s best success stories
17:54 Why Sam cut his hair
18:53 Difference between door-to-door and appointments
22:26 Sam operates in 15 industries
27:26 What makes Sam’s system unique
30:45 Overcoming objections
32:33 Selling financing
34:46 Can anyone door knock?
40:41 Do women have an advantage in sales?
44:12 How Sam motivates millennials
47:35 Mental health is key
53:28 Earning potential for door-to-door sales reps
55:07 Sam’s take on tattoos
56:24 #1 mistake sales reps make
58:39 Shelf life of a door knocker
1:00:06 Importance of product/icebreakers
1:02:00 Sam gives advice to Kenny Brooks
1:03:47 Can you close one-leggers?
1:05:10 Do homeowners care about price?
1:07:15 Best app for canvassing
1:08:09 Should people work in groups?
1:09:32 Advice to new sales reps

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