Dope marketing for Roofers and Roofing contractors | Roofing insights

Dope marketing for Roofer and Roofing contractors | Roofing insights

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00:18 How Dope Marketing got its name
01:45 Importance of your business name in roofing
02:03 Dope Marketing’s history
03:08 Setting up a video studio is affordable
03:45 What is Dope 360?
04:40 Dope Marketing’s HUGE investment (over $1 million)
05:43 How Dope Marketing delivers for their customers
08:18 Good deals that roofing companies can offer homeowners
09:26 Roofing companies need to have this offer for their clients
12:29 Dope Marketing has some powerful machines
16:48 Dope Marketing knows personalization

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