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Some Easy-To-Do Roof Repair and Maintenance Tips for Winter

As the fall starts getting colder and the days start getting shorter, it means that the winter is almost at your door. Winter brings a lot of house-related problems along with it, and roofing problems are among them.

Raking The Roof

It’s fairly common knowledge that ice dams are caused by heat escaping into an attic and melting snow on the roof. The melt water runs down the roof and freezes over the eaves where it isn’t warm. Ice builds up, forming a dam which retains more melt water, and eventually some of it backs up under the shingles and leaks into the house.

The Difference Between Pressure and Power Wash

Although they are both effective ways to clean roofs and other objects and surfaces there are some distinct qualities about each one. Due to the differences between power wash and pressure wash, one may better for certain situations than the other.

Choosing a Flat Roofing Contractor

In contrast to other sloped roofs, a flat roof is almost level and generally not as durable or long lasting as sloped roofs. When a home has a flat roof, they cost less, have fewer maintenance problems, and are easier to install. They are a common architecture features in all styles of homes. There is one drawback with a flat roof and that is water can puddle on the roof and increase the risk of developing a leak.

Reasons to Add Rubber to Your Roofing Protection

EPDM rubber roofing has become very popular due to the efficiency it offers. The price is reasonable, it offers a tremendous barrier to the structure of your home, and it is easy to work with for installation. It all adds up to a better way to keep your home in excellent shape. Don’t take risks with roof leaks or problems that can ruin your belongings and be expensive to repair.

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