Euroshield: Rubber roofing Shingles from recycled tires

Euroshield: Rubber roofing Shingles from recycled tires

Would you ever want a rubber roof?

The major ingredient in Rundle Slate, Ranchlands Shake, Vermont Slate, and Beaumont Shake is recycled tire rubber. In fact, 70% of a panel is recycled tire rubber. On average, 400 to 600 tires are used in the production of material required to cover a typical single-family residential home. Old tires are one of the most significant, and highly visible, sources of waste material generated today and G.E.M. Inc. is a major user of recycled rubber derived from these tires. In fact, Euroshield® roofing products used over 53% of the crumb rubber consumed by Alberta manufacturers, from Alberta processors, in 2015.


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