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Shingle that is not afraid of Hail or Foot traffic
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0:00 Preview of video
0:15 Introduction to F-Wave
1:54 10 Points Introduction
2:22 #1: It’s TPO
3:00 #2: It doesn’t have granules
4:37 #3: It’s very flexible
5:30 #4: It has amazing wind rating
6:07 #5: It looks cool
6:46 #6: It’s very easy to repair
7:21 #7: It’s hail resistant
9:40 #8: It’s light & nicely packaged
10:23 #9: It’s very consistent
12:10 #10: No backlog
12:42 Concerns
13:21 Concern #1: We don’t know how it will perform
14:19 Concern #2: Hail warranty & promise
15:49 Conclusion

Read all about the F-Wave shingles here: https://stormgrouproofing.com/2020/08/16/f-wave-hail-proof-shingles-are-the-best-shingles-in-minnesota/

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In this video Dmitry travels to F-Wave headquarters in Burleson, TX to put their product to the test. Is this the best shingle on the market? Is it hail proof? Does Dmitry recommend it for your home?

This video is a MUST SEE!

F-Wave Hail-Proof Shingles are a Huge Component of the Roofing Industry
Here are a few positives to the F-Wave Shingles:
1. They are not made from asphalt or rubber. Instead, they’re developed from thermoplastic.
2. They don’t contain granules. This makes them safe, easy to carry, and convenient because they don’t leave a mess on the jobsite.
3. F-Waves are flexible. They’re easy to cut and are difficult to break.
4. The wind ratings on them are fantastic. Good luck picking them up.
5. I like my shingles to have style, and F-Waves do. They come in bundles of six, are light and neatly packaged, plus they have an array of colors you can mix and match to the contours of your home.
6. If there is ever a problem, these shingles are easy to fix. By applying heat to affected areas, dents, foot traffic, and hail damage can all be remedied. Of note: F-Waves offer the best hail resistance, to go along with the best warranties in the business.
7. F-Waves are very consistent in their functionality. Imagine you’re a robot, or a car in Elon Musk’s Tesla factory. Pretty cool, huh? These are not your grandfather’s shingles. F-Waves are top-end, reliable pieces of equipment that make for unparalleled efficiency.
8. The best part? You can get your hands on this product today. My company will be offering them both in Orlando and Minneapolis. Other companies in our network also offer this product, but don’t fret: I am not HomeAdvisor, meaning I will not sell your information to low-level contractors who are clueless regarding this excellent product. At Roofing Insights, I value my quality and reputation. It’s what has gotten me this far and is what will continue to propel this company forward.
Since here at Roofing Insights my team spent many hours testing F-Wave shingles, I feel it is my obligation to be diligent and share what we feel are some shortcomings on the product.
Some of my concerns:
1. Will F-Waves last without fading? If you bought F-Waves back in 2015, then your 50-year warranty will extend until 2065. My research leads me to believe that the shingles will last that long, but guaranteeing the product’s shelf-life is something I am currently unable to do.
2. I mentioned earlier the shingles are hail-resistant and are backed by an airtight warranty. The shingles were deemed hail-resistant after being run through a gauntlet of tests, but those were man-made and not an exact replication of actual outdoor conditions. Again, I don’t want to guarantee this product won’t break, because if it does, I will be the first person people assign blame to.
But the bottom line is this: F-Waves outshine all other available options, such as cedar, metal, and asphalt. While the cost of F-Waves is nearly double, it is an investment you will be happy to have made.

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