Felon owned business: David Carroll, Dope Marketing story

Felon owned business: David Carroll, Dope Marketing story

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Flat Roofs and Hail Damage

Flat roofs are often the most susceptible to hail damage. In fact most types of flat roof do not even come with a hail rating. This either means that the material has not been tested, or that it wont hold up long under hail storms. This does not mean that there aren’t flat roofs that hold up admirably. To show the differences in roofing materials, I am going to compare three common flat roof systems. This stuff is usually around a half inch or more thick and instead of being adhered to the roof, it is mechanically fastened with screws.

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing is an interesting roofing material consisting of two different liquid materials that combine to form a seamless roofing material. After mixing, the foam expands over 20 times to form a complete solid roof. These roofs are popular for the speed in which they can be applied, while providing high performance water resistance and insulation. Abbreviated SPF, spray foam roofing becomes an adhesive, that will adhere and make a roof on almost any surface except bitumen.

Finding Leaks in Your Roof

So your ceiling is leaking. Unless there is a problem in your heat pump or other HVAC equipment, it probably means you have a roofing problem. However, short of simply replacing the entire roof, it can be hard to find a leak. Water rarely drips straight down. Instead it finds studs and beams and follows them down into the home’s interior. So the source of the leak, from both location and cause cannot be determined just by looking at water dripping from the ceiling.

Is it Expensive to Install Metal Roofs?

Many factors need to be considered when purchasing a metal roof. One cost that needs to be reviewed is the installation of metal roofs. A major expense when purchasing metal roofs is instillation. Typically, it is more expensive to install a metal roof compared to traditional asphalt roofs.

3 Hot Tips on Roof Coating Applications

So you’ve finally made the decision to use a roof coating, but it’s the very first time you have ever used one. So then what are the things that you should know to insure that your project will go off without a hitch?

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