Fittest Roofer 2019 at Roofing Process Conference

Fittest Roofer 2019 at Roofing Process Conference

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Fittest Roofer is back! Roofing Insights is gearing up to host the 4th Annual Fittest Roofer Competition, happening in Orlando, FL at the Roofing Process Conference, December 12th and 13th. Do you have what it takes to put last year’s winner, Jake Merrick of AVCO Roofing, to shame? This year we are changing it up. Yes, you’ll still have to lift some shingles, but we are incorporating even more exercises and events. Think CrossFit games. Are you ready to be the Fittest Roofer? The event will cost $399 to participate in Fittest Roofer and will include an all access pass to Roofing Process Conference. Watch until the end to find out about our Arm Wrestling competition too!

00:00 Best Damn Roofer
00:45 Takes place in Orlando, FL December 12th and 13th
00:53 No prequalification round
01:06 Atlas Roofing
01:13 Cash Prizes
01:50 Erik Toth
02:15 Workouts
03:00 Prices
04:40 Arm Wrestling Competition
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