Fittest Roofer 2019 qualifier: Earn $300 for 2 minutes of work

Fittest Roofer 2019 qualifier: Earn $300 for 2 minutes of work

First 5 people who will submit Facebook live video tagging us of holding shingles for two minutes get $300 or free ticket to the conference to participate in fittest roofer challenge to win $3,000.

Must go LIVE and TAG Roofing Insights. No other uploads will be considered as winning.


1. You must go Facebook live (other videos not qualified)

2. First 5 will get it $300 and free ticket for a friend to participate in fittest roofer contest with $3,000 grand prize.

3. Deadline is November 10th.

Topics in this video:

0:00 -Opening montage
0:24 -How to earn $300
2:12 -Attempt 1
3:21 -Attempt 2 (Dmitry tries)
5:32 -Outro

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Protect Your Commercial Roofing

When a business owner has put the money into a business they want it to succeed. There are many things that can make this happen. Some might not consider roofing a way to protect their business investment. Nevertheless, it is very important.

Hiring a Roofer

One of the most important aspects of a home is the roof and whether a home owner is purchasing a new home that needs a new roof or a current home owner needs a repair it is best to hire a professional roofer. The house may need to be updated perhaps to help sell it or increase the value. If a homeowner works with a qualified roofer then the roof could last for 15 to 20 years.

Elements to Seek For A Good Flat Roof

What is a flat roof? These are horizontal or nearly horizontal design roofs. These roof designs could have problems due to the weather as well as poor maintenance.

Becoming a Roof Contractor

Becoming a roof contractor can be a difficult goal, but it is possible. You want to be trained and go through the proper channels to prevent damage, harm and fees.

Homeowners Get A Break To Fund Home Improvements

Most homeowners are committed to making improvements in their home. Why wouldn’t they? It can maintain or improve the value of the home, improves the aesthetic feel of the home and can even save money over time. Not everyone is dedicated to the “green” movement as others. Many homeowners have looked into buying energy efficient appliances or adding new, environmentally friendly products to their homes only to realize the additional costs involved with the process.

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