Fittest roofer qualifier: updated rules, extension and Dmitry’s attempt

Hello, everyone!

We have a few rules to address regarding the Fittest Roofer Challenge! Don’t forget to send Roofing Insights your video by tagging us! The submission deadline has been extended five days, and you now have until November 15th, 2019 to submit your video!

Remember, you can’t just raise any shingles over your head. The package must weigh at least 70 pounds. If your package of shingles is less than that weight, it can’t be by much. For every pound your package falls short of the required weight, you have to add five seconds to your time.

For example: if your package of shingles is 68 pounds, you have to hold the shingles for 2:10. You can do the math for your shingles.

A few good brands to use: Atlas and IKO. DON’T USE: Tamko Heritage (they’re too light)

When you lift the shingles up, you can only use one arm. That arm cannot bend, or else you’re disqualified.

You must maintain your position for at least two minutes, no matter the weight.

The camera must be on you at all times. No panning away or quick edits. WE CAN TELL IF YOU CHEAT!

Oh, and don’t hurt yourself. The holidays are fast approaching!

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