For Roofers: How to get in Roofing Insurance Restoration | How to double your sales

How to add insurance supplement department to your roofing business (retail).
In we cover both business models: retail and insurance restoration.
Comment below if you have any questions about insurance claims!
From Insights:
00:12 Dmitry’s sales doubled when he began supplementing…
01:19 … but he didn’t always understand the insurance business
03:10 Retail roofing
03:17 Expensive marketing
03:51 Need solid sales system
05:04 Demands high quality control
05:31 Must have repair department
06:22 Big overhead
06:49 Insurance restoration work
06:56 Attracts go-getters
08:04 Easy sales
09:10 Higher profit margins
11:19 Seasonal opportunities
12:37 Supplemental income
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