From $20/hour job to Millions in door to door Roofing sales | Ben Menchaca

Meet Ben Menchaca, serial roofing sales rep shares his story and tips for sales reps in roofing industry. Comment below if you have any questions for Ben.
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00:24 Ben Menchaca’s background
02:13 Ben sold $1 million his first year
02:51 Did Ben create Josh Waxman?
03:52 Dmitry loves Waxman
07:18 Ben made $100,000 his first year in sales
09:31 Grant Cardone’s influence on Ben
10:47 Ben’s 2020 sales numbers
11:10 Why Ben doesn’t want his own business
13:00 Don’t take my commissions
15:29 How to deal with malevolent homeowners
16:54 Advice for homeowners
19:08 Roofing Insights Directory

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Locating High Quality Roofing Contractors

A well-maintained roof is imperative to make certain a home is kept dry, warm, and protected at all times, no matter the weather outside. So if it becomes necessary to call on the services of a professional roofing contractor you really need to be certain you’ll receive high-quality workmanship which comes at a very keen price. Whether a roof related project is big or small in nature, a roof repair, restoration or replacement job requires the services of a skilled tradesperson who you’re able to trust and depend on.

Looking for Signs of a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof often causes significant inconvenience. In the dry, summer months the roof rarely gets a look in. As any potential problem often goes noticeable until the weather turns and it starts to get wet outside. Leaking roofs, if un-repaired for a period of time can result in quite noticeable damage to the structure of the property, as well as the interior fittings.

Mandatory Toronto Bylaw – Disconnect Your Downspouts – It’s the Law!

Toronto City Council approved a mandatory downspout disconnection bylaw that requires homeowners to disconnect their homes’ downspouts from the City’s sewer system over three phases. All three phases of the mandatory downspout disconnection bylaw must be completed by December 2016. Your area may require an earlier compliance date.

The Convenience of Constructing With Copper

There are numerous benefits to building with copper. From beauty to durability to energy efficiency, there’s no denying that this is one incredible metal.

Metal Roofing and Its Advantages

The most important part of a house is undoubtedly its roof, as roof protects its interiors from getting damaged by the effects of weather. Roof is also an essential part of the overall structure of the house and can change the way your house looks. As roof is such a vital part of any home it is important to choose proper material for roofing.

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