Meet Itzel Romo, recipient of Atlanta’s Latino Business of the Year Award. Itzel shares how she transitioned from Modeling to the roofing industry. Comment Below how you got started in the Roofing industry and how you like it now!!!

00:40 How Itzel got into the roofing business
01:14 Story behind the name, Queen of Roof
02:07 First experience in roofing
03:12 Door-knocking stories
04:16 How big is her company now?
04:36 Her role in company
05:32 Would she choose the same career path if she had to do it all over again?
06:25 Being a woman in the roofing industry
07:14 Best part about her job
08:23 Does Itzel still door-knock?
09:07 Do her customers like saleswomen?

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Thatching

Since before the time of Christ humans have been using thatch materials to construct durable roofing for homes and communal buildings. This offered the protection from the elements and was a resource effective way of utilising the raw materials freely available around them. In the modern age thatch is no longer a “cheap” roofing option, but when properly installed offers an attractive yet practical way to roof a building.

Tips for Selecting a Roofing Company

Before making the important decision of “replacing the roof over your head” please consider a few things before you do. Having been through this process several times, there are several factors to consider when deciding on a roofing company.

Hiring a Roofing Professional

Whether you need a roofing professional for a new construction project or simply to repair a leak or hole in your ceiling, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Put a little bit of thought into it before you make the decision to hire someone.

Roof Repair You Shouldn’t Do On Your Own

Roof repair is not something that you should take lightly. You need to determine whether or not your case requires the assistance of a professional.

Roofing Warranty Basics

There are many things a roofing warranty will and will not cover and if you plan to get a new roof put on your house you’ll want to know what you should be looking for. Warranties are offered by the manufacturer and the roofing contractors but each warranty is different. Learn what you warranty should cover.

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