GAF Glenwood: Worst Roofing shingle in History!!! (Will be DELETED) DOWNLOAD | Roofing Insights

GAF Glenwood VS Certainteed Presidential VS Malarkey Windsor Roofing Shingles Comparison from 2016. These 2 videos were taking down by GAF Lawyers, Dmitry had to pay $15,000 to GAF plus covered his legal fees for 9 months arbitration action. GAF demanded lifetime ban from removing their products and never mentioned that Storm Group Roofing was ever certified .

From Insights:
00:30 GAF Glenwood VS Certainteed Presidential VS Malarkey Windsor Roofing Shingles Comparison
04:18 GAF Glenwood Review

To this day GAF Glenwood is the worst product we have ever reviewed. Other positive reviews of GAF products have never got request for removal. We loved GAF Sienna and other designer shingles.

Please comment if you agree with GAF Glenwood concerns,

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