GAF HDZ Invited to Duration VS IKO Dynasty Roofing Shingles Pull test

Roof Shingles: OC Duration VS IKO Dynasty roofing pull test
We have Invited GAF to participate in shingle comparison.
Comment Below what do you think about GAF VS IKO VS OC Duration shingles

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It was day 1 of IRE when we came across the Owens Corning booth and spotted a fun little challenge that caught our attention. The shingle pull test. We recently started doing some shingle quality tests in our Roofing Insights warehouse and one of them was a pull test, so we though’t we’d continue our research here at the IRE in Dallas, TX. We noticed that the OC pull test station did not have it’s most similar competitor (the IKO Dynasty shingle) so we went over to the IKO booth for a sample. When we compared OC Duration to the IKO Dynasty, the IKO product seemed to hold up a little bit better than OC in this particular test. However, we had mixed results in our own tests at home which leads us to believe both shingles are neck to neck in their quality and build.

Thank you OC and IKO for letting us have a field day and showing our Roofing Insights family that your products are superior, especially when compared to a few VERY large and well-known brands.

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