GAF Roofing: The Biggest Bully In Industry | Roof Shingles Review Controversy | Roofing Insights

GAF: Biggest Bully In The Roofing Industry | GAF Timberline shingles Review | Roofing Insights
Dmitry Shares how he was bullied for 3 years by GAF roofing corporation and how much he paid them and in legal fees. Please share, it will be probably taken down by GAF Lawyers.

00:01 This video won’t stay alive for long
01:00 Why GAF is harassing Dmitry
02:50 You won’t believe some of this stuff
04:00 Here’s how everything started
07:28 GAF has class-action lawsuits against them
10:06 GAF has terrible technical support; here’s why
14:30 GAF factories are a joke
16:10 And then this happened
19:45 Dmitry is forced to remove YouTube video
22:33 GAF almost put Dmitry out of business
25:45 Rapid Roofing story/HIGHLY EMOTIONAL!
29:37 Dmitry promises to leave America if…
33:10 GAF isn’t consistent with their complaints
34:18 One last story
36:15 Invite to GAF president
36:45 Dmitry reads comments, answers questions

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