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My Response to GAF Timberline HDZ “Peculiar Phenomenon” Commercial
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Commercial Vs Residential Roofs

The roofing industry is fairly straightforward, what is often confusing are the differences between residential and commercial roofs. Most people assume that roofs are similar, but a roofing contractor knows that there are very unique challenges between a residential and a commercial roof. Not only are the roofs themselves different in terms of size and shape, but the materials used are quite different as well.

How to Choose the Best Contractor Offering Roofing Services

Are you in the process of building a commercial property? If you answered yes, you are in for the long haul. Not only do you need to partner with an architect, you also need to partner with a professional roofing company offering roofing services. You want the perfect floor plan and the perfect architectural design, but have you really thought about what makes the perfect roof?

A Simple Guide to Roof Maintenance for Homeowners

Your roof is an important part of your home and perhaps the most expensive part to replace or renovate. Your roof is what protects the inside of your home from rain, snow, wind, blazing sun and moisture. A good roof also reduces your heating and energy bills. Thus it is important to carry out regular roofing maintenance to ensure that your roof remains in a good condition.

Commercial Roofing: The Benefits of a Flat Roof System

When it is well maintained, a flat roof system is an effective solution minimizing the cost of roof repair. If you are constructing a new building, or placing a new roof on an existing building, below are seven reasons to consider implementing a flat commercial roofing system…

Commercial Roofing: The Benefits of Green Roof Systems

The green movement spawned a new kind of roofing system that combines soil, plants, and other natural elements to form a rooftop ecosystem. Popular in many areas, green commercial roofing systems (a.k.a. natural systems) are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to conventional systems that do not weather well, and saddle building owners with high roofing repair bills. If you intend to implement a green roof, below are seven reasons to move forward with your plans…

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