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From Insights:

00:27 Advice for contractors
04:46 “This is where public adjusting comes in”
07:56 Vast majority of homes have insurance claims on them, RIGHT NOW!
13:04 Basis for Bo getting into public adjusting
14:49 Why insurance adjusters HATE public adjusters
17:31 How Bo became a public adjuster , business of insurance
22:02 Insurance companies will purposely lose money; SHOCKING!
23:38 Bo fights fraud, greed
25:52 Life of a public adjuster
26:43 How often do public adjusters fail?
27:22 Can you always get overhead and profit?
27:56 Here’s why people need public adjusters
29:46 Dealing with shady homeowners
32:54 Is Bo noble?
36:42 Religion’s impact on business
39:35 What are public adjusters allowed to do?
41:46 Bo’s recruiting secrets

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How Clogged Up Gutters Can Cause Your House To Go Up In Smoke

Not many homeowners think their house could catch on fire, much less what they can do to prevent such a disaster. Most house fires could’ve been prevented if the homeowners were educated on how to keep their home safe. Some fires are caused by faulty electrical or the negligence of the homeowner with extension cords or pets chewing on wires causing them to fray. A few house fires were caused by dryer vent clogging of lint that could’ve been prevented by a thorough cleaner of the vent which you can do yourself with a ten dollar long handled brush available at your local hardware store.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Just like you would go to the doctor each year to have an annual checkup to ensure you are in good health, annual roof maintenance will be essential for the wellbeing of your home. As part of the home, regular roof repair is going to ensure that your home remains strong and it can withstand the elements over the course of the year. This includes everything from intense heat from the sun, to the moisture from snow and rain.

A Roof Replacement Is a Fastidious Project

The reasons why you may need a roof replacement could vary considerably. This could be as simple as not keeping up with your roofing maintenance over the years, or there could be other issues at hand that weren’t foreseeable. However, when you find this is your only option you need to prepare for a major construction process that will take some time and create some concerns for you and your neighbors.

Prepare for the Winter With Smart Roof Maintenance

With experts predicting a colder winter, it will be important that you are prepared for any upcoming storms that may happen. This means taking the time to do some preventative roof maintenance and even some minor roof repair, in order to ensure that everything will remain safe and secure. To do this, you will need to plan on doing a full inspection of your roof, before the storms hit.

Selecting a New Roof

There may be times when your roofing maintenance may not be able to save your roof. In those cases, a new roof might be the only solution. As you begin to explore all the options you have, you are going to find that there are more than just a few options out there.

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