Hail Proof Roofing Shingles? Class 4 Hail Rating Explained

Asphalt Roofing Shingles: Class 4 Hail Rating Explained
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The type of shingles that a contractor pitches to a client are important. As is common in business, quality is usually commensurate with price. It’s the same thing with shingles. Without question, Class 4 shingles are the superior product, but each contractor charges different prices for them.

In this video, Dmitry covers the finer components of Class 4 shingles and warns of contractors who may be trying to charge as much as 200% extra for the Class 4’s.

We have broken down the explanation into four easy sections:

1. Cost – Class 4 shingles use SBS technology, which makes the shingles better resistant against hail damage. But note the “better resistant” label. These shingles are not hail proof, so if a contractor tries to tell you they are, and doesn’t include this language in their warranty, take your business elsewhere.

While the product costs more money, the labor to install this type of shingle is still the same. But some contractors may try to sell you that the shingle itself drives their price up exponentially. That’s simply not true.

If the shingle costs 10-30% more, the labor should appropriately follow suit by charging an additional 10-30%.

Northgate, made by Certainteed, has a good price on their shingles, but keep reading for why they still fall WAY short.

2. Performance – These shingles’ performance cannot be judged by the condition of the exterior. The Class 4’ s are more rubbery and also heavier, which is good for absorbing pellets of hail.

Brands like DaVinci and F-Wave have tested very well in rigorous performance exercises, but other brands also are more than capable.

3. Expectations – As a customer, you should expect Class 4’s to be the most superior product on the market. With that being said, they are still not HAIL PROOF. High integrity companies will emphasize this fact, but again, be wary of someone who casually insists these shingles will survive any and all blasts of hail.

As mentioned, check the terms in warranties.

Certainteed cleverly hides their warranty information regarding Class 4’s, but when you dig deeper, you’ll find that there is NO coverage for Class 4’s in “act of god” circumstances. This is a polite way of saying that when the heavens send hail crashing down on your roof, Certainteed will not be held responsible. And since they double their price for these shingles, it’s safe to say you should look elsewhere for your Class 4’s.

4. Recommendation – Disregarding Certainteed, Dmitry finds that other brands are comparable in value. As a customer, you have to decide if paying extra for Class 4’s fits into your budget. The price increase can be hefty, and if you’re not willing to make that sort of financial commitment, you may want to reexamine your roofing options.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles: Class 4 Hail Rating Explained

In this video, Dmitry goes in-depth about Class 4 shingles and what makes them different. From warranties to performance, he dives into what you really need to know about Class 4 shingles with examples from several brands. Does he recommend Class 4? Does he recommend certain brands?

Topics in this video:

0:00 -Opening montage
0:25 -Introduction
1:31 -Class 4 Rating is misleading
4:03 -1. Cost
5:12 -2. Performance
8:51 -3. Expectations
13:43 -4. Recommendation
15:42 -Conclusion
16:27 -Contractors, what do you think?
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Dmitry is the founder and CEO of Storm Group Roofing: Minneapolis based roofing contractor with office in Orlando, FL: https://stormgrouproofing.com, https://stormgrouproofingorlando.com

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