Happy Father’s Day! Dad’s Work Ethic and Work/Life Balance | Rapid Roofing

Dmitry and Paul Kirkwood from Rapid Roofing talk about Work/Life balance and dad’s work ethics.
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Happy Fathers Day!!!!

00:12 Paul’s Work/Life Balance
01:09 Do you work Saturdays?
01:27 Is Paul a workaholic?
03:47 People pusher?
04:15 Dmitry’s videographer story
06:32 “Hard work fixes everything”
07:24 Can you teach work ethic?
08:03 Do beards = success?
09:56 How many employees do you have?
10:58 We want to hear your best dad joke

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You can visit Dmitry’s company website here: https://stormgrouproofing.com/

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