Home Advisor Class Action law suit Explained in ABC News

Home Advisor Class Action law suit Explained in ABC News
Original Link: https://6abc.com/5928797/
Dive further into our story over at: https://roofinginsights.com/homeadvisor-class-action-lawsuit-gets-attention-of-abc-news/

00:23 Special report
01:11 $3,000 for leads
01:54 Class action lawsuit
03:33 Dmitry’s take

Link to join the Class-Action lawsuit:

Turns out that Roofing Insights isn’t the only media channel looking into what Home Advisor has been doing these last few years. There is now a large-scale Class Action suit happening that you can be a part of if you’ve been impacted by Home Advisor and their business tactics. This isn’t new information. We have been exposing HomeAdvisor for many months now. This snowball is starting to finally catch up to HomeAdvisor and hopefully there will be many contractors that sign up for this Class Action to help finally show the world what this company has been doing for many years.

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