How Equipter changed Roofing Industry: Innovation from Amish community

How Equipter Elevates the Roofing Industry

In this video, Dmitry travels to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to visit the Beiler family and check out their company, Equipter. The Beiler family have come up with one of the coolest tools in the roofing world and they were kind enough to invite Dmitry to check out their base of operation. Innovation is fundamental to Equipter and seeing really is believing, as we step into their factory and see some of these incredible machines they are manufacturing. Dmitry also sits down with Equipter sales manager, David Beiler, to dig into the company’s ethos, and rides along with Amos Kaufmann, Equipter’s VP in sales, to get a tour and gain some insight into the large Amish community in rural Pennsylvania, one of the largest in the world. Check out Equipter’s website and some of their products like the RB4000, RB2000, STOW-A-BRAKE and CR8400:

Watch this video until the end and find out how your roofing company could win a FREE Equipter! One year from now, around Thanksgiving 2020, Roofing Insights will be delivering one Equipter to one lucky roofing company. Only roofing companies that have been in business for over one year at the time of the giveaway will be eligible!

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00:00 Intro to Equipter, Win a free Equipter!
04:05 All in the family
06:13 Living in an Amish paradise
07:51 The old world vs the contemporary
10:22 It’s a tradition
11:50 Welding astronauts
16:50 Breaking away from the Amish tradition
19:20 Equipters don’t break!
22:40 Biggest challenge at Equipter
24:10 That’s a weird roof
26:24 The little guy RB2000
32:39 When is Dmitry getting an Equipter?
36:10 The assembly line
43:55 Dmitry goes for a spin
46:55 Why doesn’t every roofing company have an Equipter?
50:00 Taking a look at the little guy
51:32 Subs vs employees
01:00:50 The big guy CR8400

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