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How Much To Charge? Learn how to run roofing business:
Dmitry Explains how much to charge for roofing jobs. How do you come up with your price? should you charge $275 or $500 per square? Whats your breaking point? Comment below


00:04 Everything you need to know about margins
01:38 What drives prices up
02:04 Overhead/direct cost
02:51 Value
07:59 Ability to sell
09:40 Your breaking point
13:26 Your profit
18:48 Bonus tips/summary

How much should I charge? How much should we pay?
What consist in your price:

1. you charge according to two metrics: your overhead, and your direct cost.
2. Value you bring to the market.
3. It is also your ability to sell your value
4. Your breaking point.
5. Your profit.

1. How much shouldYou charge? Charge enough to cover your overhead,
2. to meet your breaking point, and to support your life style
3. Charge according to your values
4. Charge enough to be profitable long term
5. It’s ok to loose money in the beginning!

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