How Rodney Webb Makes Roofing Millionaires, Invitation to 2020 Conference

Rodney Webb, one of the top sales mentors in the roofing business, has revolutionized Dmitry’s company. Watch this video, as Dmitry gives his ten reasons for why Rodney Webb is a master in the art of sales.

1. No high-pressure

Rodney Webb won’t twist your arm and put you in the pressure cooker. He doesn’t believe in creating unhealthy pressure; only urgency that motivates his clients to strive for success.

2. Hard worker

The grind is real. Rodney works long hours and knows the keys to success don’t lie in fancy gimmicks, but rather in consistent and persistent efforts that hone and refine your sales techniques.

3. All about the numbers

Men lie. Women lie. But numbers don’t. Rodney has the best numbers in the business, and it’s not even close.

4. Not all about the $$$

In that same vein, Rodney also does not focus solely on making money. His main motivation is helping people achieve their potential through his rigorous and structured program.

5. Studied by Harvard

Years ago, THE Harvard University studied the sales system Rodney employs, and the results were overwhelmingly favorable. If Harvard puts their stamp of approval on his work, you should too.

6. Not a “magic pill”

Rodney does not claim to have the magic pill to help your business. In other words, your business becoming successful is not an overnight ordeal. It’s a lifestyle that will have to be adopted and implemented.

7. It’s not for everyone

Rodney turns down businesses he feels aren’t ready for his help, or people he does not sense a connection with.

8. You’re never good enough

Whether your company does $50 million or $1 million per year, Rodney treats everyone the same. To him, there is always room to improve and become better.

9. He doesn’t need you; you need him

Check your ego at the door when you attend a Rodney Webb conference, because whether you like it or not, the success of your business will not affect his bottom line. Rodney is an established icon in his field. You have to meet him on his level.

10. He creates millionaires

With 14 millionaires created under his leadership, the proof is evident: Rodney Webb changes lives! By attending his conference, you too may one day reach your goals of financial success.

How Rodney Webb Makes Roofing Millionaires, Invitation to 2020 Conference

Meet Rodney Webb, Dmitry’s #1 mentor in roofing business.

“Once you meet Rodney, You will never be the same”
Dmitry Lipinskiy.

Rodney didn’t have conference in 2019, but it will be Epic in 2020.

To get extra $300 off you pass just use promo code Rodney generously offered to Roofing Insights followers:

For sales conference: RIRWE2020SC ($300 off)

For executive conference: TIRWE2020EC ($500 off)

Rodney Webb’s 2020 conference takes place Feb. 24-26 in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

In this video, Dmitry gives a shout out to one of his biggest mentors, Rodney Webb. Rodney is a class-act and we recommend any contractor who wants to take it to the next level to check him out.

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