How Roofing Contractor Lost to State Farm In Court: 33 Carpenters Full Story /@Roofing Insights

State Farm VS 33 Carpenters: Roofer’s full story / @Roofing Insights
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Find the best roofing contractors in your area:
Roofing contractors from the list are backed by a $20,000 guarantee

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Roofing – Metal Or Asphalt?

Can’t believe it’s time to replace your roofing? Does it feel like just yesterday that you had to go through the long process of having your roof re-shingled? Please read on to answer these questions.

Roofing – Types of Shingles

Those looking to have new roofing installed must choose between several single options, including asphalt, concrete, tile, metal, wood, and slate. The choice depends on the style you want, your budget, and the lifespan of your future roof.

Tips for Hiring a Good Roofing Contractor

If you’ve been researching having your roof repaired or having a total re-roofing, you may have become overwhelmed with the amount of roofing contractors that are available for hire. How do you choose the right one for your roofing job without blowing your budget? Here are some tips for finding the right roofing contractor for you.

Leaking Skylights and Your Home

Skylights provide a wonderful form of lighting and are often added within parts of the house which would otherwise be pretty dreary. Certain skylights now have a screen and are able to be opened up to give venting also.

How to Repair Rain Spouts

What are rain spouts?  They are also known as gutters or downspouts which squirrels love to climb.  Many people seem to think they are for decoration but in actuality they are a very important structure on your home…

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